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Fiber(-re) shed

Bristol Textile Quarter is an affiliate of Fibershed, an innovative and growing movement based out of California that envisions the emergence of an international system of regional textile communities that enliven connection and ownership of ‘soil-to-soil’ textile processes. The scope of what they do is huge, exciting and too big to do justice to here, but please visit their website and have a good read.

As an affiliate, BTQ represents Fibreshed (yes we asked to change the spelling) for the South West of the UK. We registered ourselves in the hope that over time, other UK-based Fibreshed fans and supporters would find us and we could begin to put our heads together and make a plan.

PLEASE get in touch if the concept is one that resonates with you. In the South West we are lucky enough to have fibre producers, dyers, spinners and mills; imagine what we could do if we all started to work together.

We also get to use this label on anything produced with local fibres, dyes and labour: