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Wax-Carve Your Own Silver Ring

Wax carving

In this morning workshop, jewellery designer and tutor Rebecca Winder will show you how to carve your own ring from jeweller’s wax. After demonstrating a number of tools and techniques, Rebecca will set you free to create your own piece of jewellery. Her expert guidance  ensures that by the end of the workshop you will have a finished ring in wax, made to your preferred size.

Rebecca will take away the wax rings to cast into your chosen metal, and two to three weeks later yours will be sent back to you, polished up and ready to wear.

Duration: 2.5 hrs
Price: £75 pp + material cost*
Group size: Max. 10 ppl.
Date: Saturday 7th October
Times: 10:00 – 12:30, and possible  second workshop in afternoon TBD
Location: BTQ Studio, Bristol

To book: Please get in touch and we will send you a confirmation form and payment instruction.

*Workshop cost already includes the cost of silver for a standard width ring. Otherwise see estimated additional costs here:  extra wide ring: + £25/  gold plated ring: + £25. Please note that these costs are only approximations and will vary according to your design. If you are interested in casting your piece into solid gold then Rebecca will be able to provide an estimated cost on the day according to the weight of your ring.