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Clothes Swap and Mending Circle 26th June

Following on from the success of the Fashion Revolution Week event, The Clothes Swap and Mending circle is back and will be a regular addition to the BTQ calendar.

Do you consider yourself “sustainable” in the way you choose, wear and mend your clothes?

How can we, wearers of clothes, help to create a healthier textile and clothing system in Bristol?

Explore these questions and more at this casual networking/textile get-together at Bristol’s textile-focused co-working space. Bring the clothes you no longer wear (clean please!) or those that you need to mend, along with your sewing bits and bobs. Bring a bottle and/or nibbles and mingle, swap and mend* away.

In June, we would like to explore more visible mending techniques and hope to have join us some experienced Boro stitchers and Darners to impart their knowledge

*Hand-mending, no previous skills necessary – we can all help and mend together

max.6 pieces of clothing per/person 

Tickets are free but please book your place on Eventbrite here.