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New BTQ Member: Alice-Marie Archer

Alice-Marie Archer is one of the new cohort of members to join BTQ.

Alice-Marie is a multidisciplinary practitioner with circa 10 years experience bridging science, technology and art.

‘Alice works with a craft / materials-led approach that asks of her to contemplate our human makings as hybrid worlds for coexistence with nature; to expand our imagining of how we might interact with the species and ecologies around us. Working with hand and machine-knit sheep wool Alice reimagines the forms that are possible for soilless cultivation, germinating and growing seed in her increasingly sculptural knitted artifacts. Paying attention to questions of ecological congruence, Alice sources fibre through the Fibreshed local to her work, and holds space for questions of indigeneity of seed and plant.’

Alice-Marie is part of Seam Collective